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on a napkin she scrawls this is glamour

Aspects of life they confuse me, You and your thesis amuse me

I decided I'm going to keep growing out my hair until it's really long and dye it a more reddish darker brown.

Bear with me and pretend she's not doing what we all know she's doing. Her hair is gorgeous and that is what I'm growing mine out to be. Except, not that color. The whole black hair thing left me completely lost as to what to do make-up wise and it made me look sooo pale. Plus, I'm a true brunette, always.


I used to have long blonde hair kind of like that then I shaved my head. It's so nice when it's long like that.
My hair was just past my boobs until I cut most of it off in August, it was a boy cut basically.. right at my ears. I missed my long hair soo much but it's about shoulder length now and sooo much healthier. I can't imagine shaving my head though!
yeah, like I did it when my best friend got cancer and a bunch of us did it for him and then donated all of it, I just remember 1 of my friends holding my hair and crying because it was that natural like almost white color and saying it was so beautiful lol.

Also, don't ever shave your head in January, especially if you live in middle canada. It's cold.
on a napkin she scrawls this is glamour

January 2008

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