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on a napkin she scrawls this is glamour

"This is the life of a go-getta"

It both amazes me and depresses me, how much things have changed.

Gram Ruth in Ohio

Gram Ruth's nephew who just died..

Papa and I <3

Nana and I

Papa, Nana, Dad and Alycia, Karen (Dad's ex girlfriend.. Alycia is her daughter) and I, Sean and Julie

Long, dark chocolate hair :(


This reminds me...
Sunday my mom, aunt, grandma and me went to our land to sell it ;[
I was in a depressed little phase just on Sunday because I basically grew up on that farm and in the farm house. We were taking things out of the house and what not and I had to keep going outside to cry 'cause I didn't want them to see me. Now it's no longer ours ;[
That's actually the story behind the first picture.. that's my Gram on her farm in Ohio. When my Gram's father died, he left it to my mom who was only 15 at the time so they had to sell it.. I understand how you feel, it still makes my family really sad to think about.
It sucks 'cause when I graduate next year my mom was supposed to move out there. When I get married and have kids I was supposed to take my kids out there and let them grow up there. UGH!
old photos are great.
Looking through old photos both amazes and depresses me.
on a napkin she scrawls this is glamour

January 2008

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